We are one of the reputed trading companies in UAE, Since 1989 engaged in various general Trading Activities like Food Stuff, Live Stock, Fish products, Oil products, Packing Material, Building Material, and Cement etc.

Over years since it’s founding the company has grown and diversified. In a fiercely competitive market, Al Jubail distinguishes itself by its market coverage, management practices and customer service.

Al Jubail Trading Company LLC is the parent company which owns the following company’s

North East Fishing Company

North East Fishing Company , P.O Box 2 Bossaso, Somalia (here in reffered to as “NEFCO” has been actively engaged in Fishing operations in Somalia Territorial waters bordering the horn of Africa since 1985. Nefco has purchased four large size factory vessels Fishing Vessels in 2014. Nefco is also in the process of setting up Qandala Fish Canning factory in Somalia.

Al Jubail Livestock Company

Al Jubail Livestock Company is engaged in Import of live stock like Sheeps & Goats from Somalia to GCC Countries.

Al Juabil Shipping Company

Al Jubail Shipping Company is engaged in Chartering medium sized ships between Asian & African countries.

Makher Coast Trading Company

Makher Coast Trading Company is consider to be the oldest and the largest traders of food stuff in Somalia having branches in India & UAE – Company’s main activity involve importing the basic necessity for the community life Rice & Sugar from Asian Countries and providing it to the locals.

Makher Coast possess a warehouse of about 800 x 400 sq mt. in Somalia.

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